Digital Realism Trademarks

Digital Realism’s trademarks signify Digital Realism’s high quality products and services, and they are valuable assets of the company. Digital Realism’s trademark and brand policies can be found at The following is a list of Digital Realism’s trademarks and registered trademarks in Jordan and certain other countries. Please note, however, that this listing is not all-inclusive and the absence of any mark from this list does not mean that it is not a Digital Realism trademark.


Digital Realism ® | Digital Realism Studios ® | Digital Realism Pictures ® | DR Studios ® | Digital Realism School ®


® الواقعية الرقمية | ® استوديوهات الواقعية الرقمية ® استوديوهات الواقعية الرقمية للأفلام ® مدرسة الواقعية الرقمية


Video Production VFX Animation

Logo Use and Guidelines

Our corporate logo is an important part of our brand. It represents our identity and is a valuable piece of intellectual property. Letting other companies use our logo can give the impression that we favor or endorse them. In some situations, it can even mean we have legal liability. So we’re very careful with its use. To request use of our logo, use the Request Quote Tool. The process is easier if a Digital Realism employee sponsors your request, so please talk with your Digital Realism contact first. We have created special logos for partners and education programs.

Third Party Trademarks

Other third party trademarks are the property of their respective owners. The use of the word partner does not imply a partnership relationship between Digital Realism and any other company.

Updating the Digital Realism Trademarks

Digital Realism may, but is not required to, update its trademarks from time to time. You are bound by any such updates and should therefore check to see whether this trademarks page has been modified (see “Last modified” date below) each time you get encountered with Digital Realism’s trademarks. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach Digital Realism by e-mail: or by visiting our studio.

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