Digital Realism Studios team strive to discover new and innovative ways to deliver inspiring work. With experienced artistry, we take great pride in working collaboratively in order to help convey the client’s vision. Our passionate team of artists are looking to exceed expectations and to always let our clients freedom to dream big.

George T. Awwad - Founder & CG Technical Director

George's passion for cinematic imagery and visual effects productions started since he was 12 years old. At that age, George started his path in CG training using Industry-Standard tools and software. George's passion is in creating high-end visual effects for Film, TV, and Commercials. And his specialty is in CG visual effects e.g. water, sand, destruction, and much more.

Tuma G. Awwad - Co-Founder & Engineer

Tuma was the engineer responsible of the design, build, and electrical engineering of all Digital Realism premises and studios.

Rita T. Awwad - Painter & Concept Artist

Aseel Z. Haddadin - Production Manager

Shadi M. Hijazeen - Business Manager

Sara T. Awwad - Painter & Concept Artist

Omar Shaheen - Author, Screenwriter, & Actor

Omar's passion in Cinema and Films shines in every word he writes. He is a professional author and screenwriter for Film, TV, and Commercials.

Husam Al Muhisen - Production Manager & Actor