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Video Production VFX Animation Studio

Video Production VFX Animation studio based in Amman, Jordan. Delivering most unique and world-class content and visuals for Film, TV, and Commercials.
Nestled in the heart of Amman, with access to remote working technologies we are a hub of creativity, innovation, and meeting standards for high-end productions in the Middle East and the world.
Renowned as one of the region’s top video production companies and VFX studios, we work closely with creatives, brands, production companies, and advertising agencies from across the globe to produce top-tier visuals.
With our big experience with local and regional brands, including major NGOs and INGOs we are confident to achieve the impossible and create stunning video productions, mesmerizing visual effects (VFX), and captivating animations for Film, Television, Documentaries, and Commercials.
Digital Realism Studios was founded in 2014 by George Awwad to be one of top Motion Picture and Visual Effects production houses in the Middle East.
Digital Realism is a creative, innovative, and high-end Motion Picture and Visual Effects studio based in Amman, Jordan specialized in Film, Television, Documentaries, Animations, and Commercials.
Art is our trade, and our aim is to build memorable visuals digitally, we combine renowned, skillful artists and cutting-edge technologies that suspends disbelief to deliver top rated videography, photography, VFX, animations, motion graphics, graphics design, social media, audio & music mastering, and concept art from Pre-Production to final touches in Post-Production.
Our state of art facility houses a premium grade green screen studio with painted walls of professional Hollywood grade Digital Green Screen Paint, plus a fully isolated and sound-proofed audio recording studio.
Our team strive to discover new and innovative ways to deliver inspiring work. With experienced artistry, we take great pride in working collaboratively in order to help convey the client’s vision.
Our passionate team of artists are looking to exceed expectations and to always let our client’s freedom to dream big. At Digital Realism Studios, we do it all. In support of artistic endeavor, our innovative pipeline team meticulously strive to refine our pipeline so our artists can do what they do best, create, and inspire with astonishing visuals.
Our workplace culture is conducive to creativity. We embrace professional development and continually strive to foster a positive working environment that inspires our artists to flourish. Our bilingual collective attracts and welcome the best local artists and international talent from all over the world. Here, innovation and creativity go hand in hand with fun and community. At Digital Realism Studios teamwork is integral to our success.
To believe is to achieve and every day at Digital Realism Studios we achieve the extraordinary. With our outstanding technical support and production teams coupled with an experienced VFX artists, At Digital Realism Studios we are creating imagination.

The Story

Digital Realism Studios started from an old dream and passion of creating art and magic of VFX for Films, TV, and Commercials.
The passion of CGI, 3D Animation, and Visual Effects by utilizing high-end techniques and tool sets to achieve wolrd-class photorealistic pictures that stores the great moments of stories in audience memory.
We at Digital Realism rely on high-end software and techniques used in renowned studios all around the globe like SideFX Houdini, Autodesk Maya, and much more. Around ten software is used to achieve the look of one shot.
Our team strives to discover new, fun, and innovative ways to deliver inspiring work. We take great pride in working hard and collaboratively in order to help convey the client’s vision. Our art, techniques, and productions exceed the expectations and always let our client’s freedom to dream big.
Our studio and workplace culture are conducive to creativity. We embrace professional development, and continually strive to foster a positive working space that inspires the artists to flourish.
Here, innovation and creativity go hand in hand with fun and community.


To be a place where art and fun change the life of people.
A place where artists can meet together.
To build a house for artists where they can meet, create, learn, and develop their ideas, and art.
To be a house that creates amazing memories of art, fun, and stories for kids, adults, and all nations.


To provide a wide range and world-class production services for the Middle East and the whole world.
To deliver international high-end techniques and tools to the Middle East Productions.
Creating art is fun and challenging. So, our mission to be a strong hand for directors and storytellers to achieve the maximum and break the limits.


At the heart of Digital Realism Studios, the passion to deliver a complete set of production services with top-quality is the main core value. We conduct ourselves ethically and with integrity. We show respect for others in our words and actions. We act in the spirit of community and co-operation. We strive for growth and development. We promote consistent communication, encouragement, and balance. Everyone shares in the responsibility of making Digital Realism Studios a better place.

The quality of the produced pictures is our main value. We always at Digital Realism Studios keep our eyes on the smallest details, to bring your stories and productions to life.

We don’t joke with what we do. With us, you can be relaxed. We provide a professional level of services, support, and training with international grade quality and integrity.

We don’t leave you in the half of the road. Our complete set of services will ensure to provide you with all of what you need for your next story. From the beginning of Pre-Production to the final touches in Post-Production, our hands will hold your ideas, imaginations, and scripts to the end.
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